About To Be A New Dad? 5 Things To Keep You Cool Under Pressure

Congratulations! You will soon be a dad, or maybe you and your family are expecting baby number 2, 3, 4, or more. Truthfully, nothing can ever truly prepare you for the life change that will take place the moment your little one makes his/her grand entrance, but there are some things that helped keep me cool and collected as I prepared for D-day. Maybe you will also find them helpful.

Read, Read, Read.

When I found out my wife and I were expecting I was overjoyed and overwhelmed. Maybe you felt the same. I didn’t know what to expect. My wife immediately purchased a copy of What To Expect When You’re Expecting. I wanted to know what to expect too. I thumbed through her book, picked up a couple of books of my own, downloaded some apps, and read many blogs written by other dads. Sure, I was still overwhelmed, but I felt like I better knew why something was happening when it was happening. I was also better prepared for the day we were finally able to check into and stay at the hospital.

Take A Class. 

My wife and I enrolled in a couple of classes. However, one that was very important to us was cancelled at the last minute by the hospital because the instructor was ill. Unfortunately, that class was not offered again until it was show time for momma and baby. It was a little too late at that point. I suggest taking a class or two and taking them early. Sometimes we guys like to think, “I don’t need a class. It’s nature. Just let nature take its course.” Come-on man! If it’s important to your lady, then it should be important to you. Show your support. I promise you will learn something and be better prepared when it’s go-time.

Plan Ahead.

The only thing I hate worse than packing is packing days in advance. I like to throw things in the suitcase and go. To plan out what I’m supposed to wear or have for vacation seems counter productive to me. It’s vacation. Why would I want to do extra work to go on vacation?

Well, the delivery day is not vacation. Your head will be spinning with things to do. You will also be concerned for your partner and the little guy or gal that is coming. Pack a bag well in advance, and keep it packed. You should especially do this if you live a good distance away from the hospital. You’re not going to want to leave momma and baby to go get your favorite pair of sweats or extra underwear.

Talk to Other Dads.

Find a community of dads who have been where you are. They can give you some good advice, be a sounding board for stressful moments you will have, and they can share how amazing you will feel when you meet your baby for the first time. No words can truly describe this feeling, but all the painting, baby room prep, late night grocery runs, weight gain from sympathy cravings (I ate a whole pack of Oreos one night.), and sleepless nights will be well worth it.


My wife and I are people of faith. So we began to pray together and separately for our baby-to-be from day one. We truly believe God honored our prayers in giving us a beautiful, sweet, and strong baby girl. Pray for your partner. Pray for your baby. Pray for things to go well on delivery day. Pray for God to guide you as a new parent. Pray for strength. Pray for rest. Prayer is good, and it is good for your soul.

Congratulations dad! I hope you find these tips helpful as you navigate through the next several months with your partner. You got this dad!

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