Frustrations from Baby Room Prep? Follow These 3 Tips

Planning the baby room is one of the most exciting things to do for a dad to be. However, time is of the essence because momma will be in an extreme nesting phase if she is not there already. So, as you plan, build, piece together, and purchase remember these three tips in order to avoid frustration.

Know what you need, or your wallet will bleed.

I remember the first time I stepped into a baby store. I wanted to purchase everything, especially all the new high tech baby stuff. I only wanted the best for our baby, but she did not need everything there was to buy.

My wife is awesome with organization and creating lists. So, that is exactly what she did. We had a list of things that we needed and we registered for it all in order to keep a digital list and printed list going. We could see exactly what was being purchased for showers, and we knew what we needed to allocate funds for before our baby’s arrival.  Make a list. Otherwise, you may go a little crazy with the registration scan gun.

Helpful Hint: Go visit local consignment stores. Many baby items are barely used and could be perfect for your little one. Remember to always clean and disinfect everything. We don’t want too many germs around that new baby. 

Plan & Measure.

So, you have a list of what you need, but your not quite sure how you are going to get it all into one room or closet for all you city dads living in one bedroom loft spaces or apartments.  Well find that old tape measure or purchase a new one from the local hardware store.  Measure the perimeter of the room in order to create a layout on paper. Measure the crib, changing table/dresser, bookshelf, rocker, etc. Now draw in the dimensions of pieces you want in your baby’s room. You may find that you might need to consolidate a piece or do without.  Know what your must-haves are to be.

Read The Directions.

Everything is purchased. The boxes have arrived and all the parts and pieces are spread across the floor. You scratch your head and begin to piece things together, but did you read or even look at the directions? I sure hope so because this is your baby we are talking about.

Make sure you read the directions for every piece you put together for your infant. Many items come with warning labels for your infant’s safety. This is not the project you want to finish only to find left over nails and screws unless the manufacturer gave you a few extra.

I hope these tips help you avoid or at least limit your frustrations as you prepare the baby room. Remember to have fun. This should be an exciting time for you and your growing family.

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