The Best Apps for A New Dad

The feeling you have when you find out you are going to be a dad is very emotional. Many are overwhelmed with excitement; others are scared today. Certainly some may feel both at different times. I recall being overwhelmed, extremely excited, and a little scared. I definitely wanted to know more about what my wife would be going through being pregnant and delivering. After a few weeks, Stacy was already noticing things that let her know our baby was growing inside her. She shared a special bond with our little one immediately. However, I could not share this. Things pretty much kept trucking along like normal, but I too wanted to experience a little of the excitement my wife was feeling. These apps were a great help with that feeling.

What To Expect

Dad, you may think this app is just for mom, but it is also great for you too. It’s the app that keeps on giving even after your little one arrives. It is filled with advice and tutorials. My favorite thing was that every week I would be able to view a new video (about 2 minutes in length) that would explain what my wife was going through and how our baby was growing. I thought the animation was really cool, and it definitely kept my excitement up each week. I looked forward to viewing a new video every Monday.

Ovia Pregnancy Tracker & Baby Calendar

This app is definitely more for mom, but I loved receiving weekly images that would compare the baby’s size to a certain fruit or vegetable. The image would give me a good idea of how big our baby was getting. It also made for a lot of fun at the grocery store. Stacy would hold a fruit or veggie up to her belly, and I would take a quick pic with the phone.

Sprout Pregnancy

I came upon this app much later. I wish I would have known about it earlier. There is a free version and a plus version for purchase. This app was also voted one of the top 50 apps by Time Magazine. It includes weekly information like the other apps as well as other tools to help mom track, but my favorite piece is the 3D interaction it provides. It’s awesome and definitely helps a new dad stay excited and in touch over the many months.

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