This Is A Relationship Game Changer

Life is busy, and time to relax is scarce. For many it is all you can do to fulfill your vocational duties and be home before the family goes to bed, and if you are able to arrive home early it is difficult to find the energy to play your child’s favorite game. However, your children want your attention. They hold their arms up to be picked up. They follow you around the house, and they call out to you when they have a problem. Teens may only call when there is a problem (a slight joke). So how do you muster the energy to meet with them in those moments? Fortunately, you don’t have to go all out every time. Most of the time you can do one simple thing. Be present.


This is a relationship game changer. Many times you may find yourself overwhelmed, and you may even have feelings of inadequacy and question your parenting skills. It’s okay. Do what you can do. Be present for your children. Let them always count on you to be there. One way I currently like to be present is to lie down on the floor next to my daughter while she plays with her toys. She pulls at my hair, throws toys at my face, and tries to climb over me. When I walk away she notices. If I walk by her without acknowledging her, she notices, and when I am present she notices. It’s not much, but it lets her know that I care. What are some ways you can be present in your child’s life regardless of how old he/she is?

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