The Holiday Dad Survival Kit

It’s that time of year, the holiday season. Black Friday deals, Cyber Monday specials, and weekend sales all take a little strain on the bank account unless you have been setting aside a little bit of cash for the season. However, your bank account isn’t the only thing depleting. Your energy is quickly depleting as well. You get to put together all the toys, hang the Christmas lights, and help keep your children away from it all. It is most certainly worth it all to see their faces light up throughout the season and especially on Christmas morning, but how do you survive? Read below for the top 5 essentials you need in your Christmas tool belt.

1. Allen Head Wrench

It seems that absolutely every piece of children’s furniture and many toys including that little red wagon require this type of tool to piece it all together. Many of your purchases will come with a small wrench, but some may leave it to you to find one for yourself. You don’t want to be caught on Christmas morning without one nearby and have to say, “Just enjoy looking at all the beautiful pieces. Dad will put it together tomorrow.”

2. Ziplock Bags

Some assembly will be required. Make sure you read the instructions, and at the end you most likely will have some pieces left over (a couple screws, washers, etc.). You may want to keep these. Place them in a Ziplock bag and with a permanent marker write the name of the item on the bag in case you ever need those extra pieces.

3. Blade, Knife, or Scissors

The packaging on children’s toys are not only kid proof, but many are adult proof with all the zip ties, tape, plastic tacks. Make sure you have a blade, knife, or pair of scissors on hand to help open the packaging. Otherwise, you might lose yourself in front of your kids, friends, and family as you try to pry, pull, and leverage the packaging open without the handy use of a sharp tool.

4. Superglue

There is a reason why this glue is called super. It has saved the day on many occasions. Toys break, lamps get knocked over by balls that are thrown in the house (you may make this mistake), and heads seem to come off of dolls and action figures all to easy. Superglue to the rescue, and in just a few short minutes your child can be playing with his/her new toy again.

5. A Sleeve of Oreos

Why? Because you deserve it. Hand the cookies to your children, and help them put them out with a glass of milk for old “Kris Kringle”. When the lights are out just a short while later you get to have one of the best midnight snacks ever. Oh…make sure you get the double stuffed.

Merry Christmas!

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