5 Traditions To Start This Christmas

As a parent, one of the best things about the holidays is the extra time you get to spend with your children. This is also an incredible opportunity for teaching, giving, and memory making. Maybe you already have some Christmas traditions. If not, think about starting some this year or adding some new ones. Below are a few holiday tradition recommendations.

Pick Out A Tree

Many families do this every year. It’s time to chop down a tree, pick one from the tree farm, or put up the artificial tree. Whatever the case, make sure you make it a family affair. Some of the best memories can be created during this time. Also, if you are choosing a live tree do not go for the perfect tree in your eyes, but maybe let the little ones have a say too. Sure they may choose a tree like Charlie Brown would, but that just may turn into the best memory. Those far outlast any tree.

Decorate Together

Now for the decorating. Sure in the past everything may have been pristine, precise, and looking like it came out of a catalog. However, you guys are parents and the little ones want to hang the ornament picture they colored in preschool. Maybe you have two trees for this, but if you can only choose one choose the tree that tells a story. With each passing year the story of your Christmas tree unfolds with new and emotional pages.

Buy A Gift for Another Family

This is a great opportunity to teach children about giving and generosity. Break away from the commercialism that surrounds much of the holiday and show your children how much joy one can offer to another through selfless giving. There are some great organizations that can help facilitate this like Angle Tree and Operation Christmas Child.

Read The Christmas Story

This is something my family has done every year since I was young. We would gather together and before unwrapping gifts we would take a moment to read the Christmas Story from  Luke 2. The reading was usually done by the patriarch of the family. This tradition was passed on to my father, and recently I was asked to read the story to our family on Christmas morning. Some of my best Christmas memories usually come out of this time. Family members have cried together, shared together, and even broken into a Christmas carol or two.

Eat A Christmas Breakfast Around the Table

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, especially life during the holiday season, it becomes increasingly difficult to eat a meal together around the table as a family. Why not enjoy some good eggs and bacon together? Add biscuits, sausage gravy, pancakes, and coffee and it becomes a good old southern style morning feast. Do this before or after opening gifts. This one thing I know: Good food has an amazing way of bringing a family together.

So, do something new this Christmas. Start a tradition. If you have Christmas traditions you love, then share them on our Facebook page. We would love to hear them.

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