Love, Unconditional Love [Guest Post]

Special guest post by Dan Judy.

The other night we took dinner to some of our good friends that just had a baby. I remember “that look” in his eyes of lack of sleep and the look of, “What did we get ourselves into?” Or maybe that look was just a cry for help. I mostly remember that look because I myself was there a few weeks ago. I asked this new dad what the one thing was that had changed the most. We all laughed because being a new dad everything changes.

I then asked myself that same question on the way home. What has changed the most for me? The word love kept coming to mind. Not just love, but unconditional love. We have to teach our kids love- how to love and what love is. Sound overwhelming? It definitely can be. Ever since my daughter was born, I love my parents so much more, because I see firsthand what they gave up to give me the best life possible. I knew this all growing up, but being a dad myself, I now see life through a whole new lens: the lens of love.  Becoming a dad has made me look at love so much differently. Now a song I hear on the radio or a commercial or TV show can tug at my heart strings in a whole new way. This happens especially when they are talking about a daddy/daughter relationship. The strangest thing happens; I get this lump in my throat and dirt or sawdust immediately flies into my eyes, making them water. Some may view this as getting “softer”, but I view it as understanding love on a whole different level now.

Was the same true for you? How did your perspective of love change when you had kids? Your whole perspective of love changes when you become a new dad, but it is definitely for the better. All those hours of lost sleep seem to vanish when you wake her up and she has an ear to ear smile waiting for you (usually something in the diaper too). How could you not love that little bundle of joy? Make sure you are taking time to enjoy the love that your kids give you, and remember they are learning from you. Kiss her and hug her every chance you get, even when she is 16 and around all her friends. It is your duty as a father to embarrass her, but deep down she will be smiling so big because she knows that you love her. Never miss a chance to show her you love her, for one day she will look back and understand the true meaning of unconditional love.

Guest Author Bio:

Dan Judy is a new dad trying to figure it out as he goes. Dan writes to positively change our future generations one life at a time. Connect with Dan on Twitter and Instagram. Read more from Dan on his personal blog at

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