The HeyDadada Manifesto: Why, What, & To Whom We Write


My daughter’s first word was hey. She is a social butterfly to say the least. She loves people and playing with other children. Nap time is never easy if there are others around because she wants to be part of the action. One day, as she was learning other syllables, she was able to utter Dadadadada. My heart was full, and my wife was annoyed. After all, she did a lot of work over many months to get our little girl here. Then there was that one day! Yes, that beautiful day I looked into my daughter’s eyes and she let out a high pitched Hey followed by the repetitive Dadada. For me there is no better name. This is the why behind the name, but why do we write content? What’s the problem? Is there a problem? To whom are we writing? Let’s get some answers.

Why do we write?

We write to encourage and help the next generation of dads lead their families. First, we believe that being a dad is a privilege. Many of us have friends and family members that long to be parents. The fact that we are so blessed to have sons and daughters is something that should not be taken lightly but should be cherished and nurtured while striving to be the best dad one can be. We all make mistakes, and we must give ourselves a little grace while we model appropriate leadership to our children.

What do we write?

With every generation we discover new ideas, new problems, and new solutions. There are social, economical, and cultural changes. There are new fathers and mothers. What was once normal and expected of dads and moms yesterday is not today and possibly should not be. It is a different world. For many families, both dad and mom work. More dads are becoming stay-at-home fathers than ever before as the mother’s occupations is the primary source of income. Many dads identify themselves with a past culture and have a hard time leading today. This is why we write what we write. Dads are leaders. They are valuable, and content like the content here is created to encourage the next generation of dads to lead appropriately. Like a friend of mine says, “Leadership starts at home.” Whether you are a mom or dad, this is applicable.

To whom do we write?

If you are a millennial dad, then we are writing for you, but we believe much of our content is transferable and can be beneficial to any father. Moms may find it useful also. We want moms to read the content and share with their husbands or other dads they know. Who knows? Maybe we will post a mom Sound Off in the future from a guest mom. Nevertheless, we want to encourage and support the next generation of parents to lead and lead well.

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