8 Calendar Essentials To Keep Your Family On Track

This post includes a free resource. 

If there is one thing parenting has taught me it’s this: If you do not plan for it today, it will not happen tomorrow. At first the calendar seemed to be enemy number one in our home. Where was the time going? Then we started planning individually. Communication became all the more important. There were a few times I planned on going to the gym to workout, but my wife planned to workout at that time as well. Truthfully, she probably mentioned this, but I did not remember. Needless to say, planning individually did not work. Not only did we need to manage our individual calendar, we needed to create a master calendar.

We purchased a large calendar and some dry erase markers. Each family member has their own color, and there is a color designated for activities involving our entire family. We displayed the calendar in a location where we would easily see it every day. At first, we struggled with what we needed to write on the calendar. This needed to be a value add and not another chore. So we came up with the eight calendar essentials listed below.


  • Exercise (strength training & cardio)
  • Family time
  • Date night
  • Alone time (devotion, journaling, etc.)
  • Activities
  • Dinner menu
  • Church
  • Work

This brought clarity and gave a us a picture of our ideal week and overall month. If something is to be added, then something must be sacrificed. Because things are scheduled, this allows us to say no to conflicts that come up. The point here for us and you is to be intentional in your planning. Exercise, date nights, and meaningful family time does not happen unless you plan.

Do you have a family calendar? Are you intentional in planning? What are your calendar essentials? I have provided a free resource to help you kick start your planning. Click here for your essential planning template. It is absolutely free, and there is no sign-up required.

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