5 Favorite Kid Friendly Restaurants

We all go through busy seasons in life. Sometimes it’s nice to pick up dinner somewhere or take the family out. It saves the meal prep time and clean up time. This is a huge savings after a long day at the office, but where can you go? I have selected five of my favorite kid-friendly restaurants. I have chosen these for the following reasons:

  • Kids menu – Something other than fried foods are offered, like grilled chicken options.
  • Atmosphere – My child can be loud, and I will not be embarrassed.
  • Changing tables – Restaurants should have these in both male and female restrooms, but please have it in at least one.
  • Budget – Is it budget friendly.
  • Taste – It does not matter how good of a restaurant it is if the food isn’t tasty.

Texas Roadhouse

If you would like a good hearty steak and hot sweet potato, then this is the place to go. The atmosphere is perfect for your children. If he/she begins to whine from some frustration it will be okay. The TV’s are showing your favorite professional athletes while servers are coming and going with hustle. You could also call in your order, pick it up, and take it home to enjoy. The warm rolls come right out to curve your hunger. If you can get there before 6:00 on a weekday then menu becomes very budget friendly. After 6:00 the prices are a bit higher. My daughter loves the grilled chicken with a dry sweet potato. Our baby girl loves some sweet potatoes! There are changing tables in the restrooms helping this family friendly restaurant earn a 5/5.


Taco Mac 

Queso and salsa…that should be all I need to say. Their queso paired with warm tortillas is a delicious family appetizer! Taco Mac is a sports bar and grill. There are televisions of different sizes every where you set your gaze making this an awesome place for your children to be a little loud, especially if an NFL game is playing. They have a large menu and depending on your taste and appetite prices could be favorable, but unless you go for salad or chicken wings tasty options are scarce in my opinion earning Taco Mac a 3/5.

Grazing Here 

Grazing Here is a restaurant located in Peachtree City, GA. It actually began as a food truck. I’m listing it here because of the great experiences my family has there. If ever you pay southwest Atlanta a visit, This is a place to check out. They have the best tasting burgers and grilled chicken options. All beef is grass-fed and hormone free. Chicken is free range and grain fed. Yep! It’s that kind of restaurant. Kids can be loud, especially when there is live entertainment. They recently expanded their menu, and the Philly cheesesteak sandwich is a new favorite. They recently purchased a changing table for the female restroom. This was a huge win for the family-friendly side. The kids menu is awesome. I gave this restaurant a high 4/5 simply because your entire meal will be a bit more expensive. However, remember the kind of food your are purchasing.


I love Chick-fil-A! They have a great kids menu with healthy and tasty options. Kids could go for grilled chicken nuggets with a fruit cup and milk. There are changing tables in both male and female restrooms, and the restaurant goes the extra mile in providing disinfectant wipes to clean the high chair. They even give you a stick down-place mat for your child. It is a budget friendly restaurant with a great atmosphere for your single volume talkative tot. For these reasons I give Chick-fil-A a 5/5.


If your looking for a healthy and fresh family option, then Zoes is your pick. This Birmingham, Alabama based chain is expanding rapidly. Menu options are par none. I joke that I have tried everything on the menu, but that is literally the truth. The restrooms are always clean with changing tables in the ladies restroom. Prices are great, but unless it’s busy you might find the need to quiet your children. Our local restaurant has an outdoor patio that we definitely take advantage of if it’s nice outside pushing the rating to a high 4/5. Families should definitely give Zoes a try.

I love cooking at home, but sometimes I just need a little break. I’m sure you do too. I hope you find this short list helpful.

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