The Remarkable Power of One’s Influence

I was having a conversation with a friend and fellow father a short while ago. When we are together our conversations usually become creative dream sessions. We share vision, discuss opportunities, and dream of possibilities. It is quite invigorating for a personality like mine. I love the startup, the creative process, and the activation of great ideas.

During a recent conversation, we discussed the success of two individuals whose work we both admire. These two individuals were friends who were impacted greatly by one friend’s father. We concluded that if that father never accomplished another thing the influence he had on those two boys was great enough accomplishment. The effect of his influence is now being felt worldwide through the influence of those two friends.


Many of us long for positions of influence, prestige, and notoriety. Many push to influence the masses without understanding that influencing one or two could have just as great an impact on the world. I like to think of this way of thinking as the ripple effect. Many sit on the side of the shore afraid to ever cast a rock in the water. They think what’s the use? It will have no effect? The size of this rock is too small. It does not matter the perceived size of one’s influence. Everyone can be a person of influence.

Regardless of the size of one’s influence, the effects continue even when they become seemingly unnoticeable. Just like the small rock thrown into the lake. The water ripples for a second and it seems to dissipate, but unnoticed to the naked eye the molecules continue to move.

As parents we are given the wonderful opportunity to daily impact the life of another. Our children may very well be our legacy. We should leverage our influence to lead our children well. If we are doing a good job at this, our children will begin to mirror our behavior and lead others around them. Teach them to lead up, down, and sideways. We can lead up to our bosses, teachers, and coaches. We can lead down to those we have been placed to manage, and we can lead sideways to all our friends, family members, teammates, and coworkers. Whether you choose to lead one, two, or many, there will be lasting effects.

What dreams do you have? Who is currently leading you? Who are you currently leading?

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