3 Steps To Sustainable Boundaries

My life like many of yours seems to be one continual balancing act. My family has endured many transitions the last several years. We have experienced a successful doctoral dissertation defense, graduation of additional degrees and certifications, new roles at work, job and career changes, hospitalizations, pregnancy, and becoming parents. Our search for appropriate boundaries has consisted of a lot of adjustments and schedule experimentation. Here are a few things I have learned along the way. Maybe they will help you.

Step 1: Be the creator.

Be your personal boundary creator. No one else will create boundaries for you. There are many that may come along side you and offer support, but it is your choice to put appropriate boundaries in your life.


Step 2: Be the sustainer.

You are the only one that can sustain your personal boundaries. Therefore, you must create boundaries that are realistic. It may not be sustainable for you to exercise 6-7 days a week, but it may be sustainable for you to exercise 3-4 days. Choose sustainable and realistic boundaries.

Step 3: Be the enforcer.

You are the enforcer. Therefore, you must practice saying no. Sometimes, you have to say no to things you enjoy in order to say yes to things you love. It’s all about knowing your priorities and keeping them. List them out. Create and ideal week. I keep my ideal week posted on my refrigerator. Michael Hyatt provides an awesome resource for creating an ideal week.

As you continue your search for balance remember to create and enforce sustainable boundaries in your life. You are the creator, sustainer, and enforcer.

What boundaries are you creating? Are they sustainable? Who do you go to for support? Finally, are you enforcing the boundaries you created?

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