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Jeremiah, Stacy, and their beautiful daughter, Reagan.

My daughter’s first word was hey. She is a social butterfly to say the least. She loves people and playing with other children. Nap time was never easy if there were others around because she wanted to be part of the action. One day, as she was learning other syllables, she was able to utter Dadadadada. My heart was full, and my wife was annoyed. After all, she did a lot of work over many months in getting our little girl here. Then there was that one day! Yes, that beautiful day I looked into my daughter’s eyes and she let out a high pitched Hey followed by the repetitive Dadada. For me there is no better name. This site and community is a tribute to my first born, the one who made me a dad. I hope all dads find the content here at Hey Dadada as inspirational as my daughter is to me.