2 Steps To Relationship Recovery

We operate through relationships on a daily basis. We have relationships with bosses, coworkers, spouses, and friends, and many times those relationships become strained. I have noticed two things whenever this happens. I begin complaining, and I become defensive. Maybe you experience the same. I believe there are two things you could do to help combat these … More 2 Steps To Relationship Recovery

3 Steps To Sustainable Boundaries

My life like many of yours seems to be one continual balancing act. My family has endured many transitions the last several years. We have experienced a successful doctoral dissertation defense, graduation of additional degrees and certifications, new roles at work, job and career changes, hospitalizations, pregnancy, and becoming parents. Our search for appropriate boundaries … More 3 Steps To Sustainable Boundaries

The Remarkable Power of One’s Influence

I was having a conversation with a friend and fellow father a short while ago. When we are together our conversations usually become creative dream sessions. We share vision, discuss opportunities, and dream of possibilities. It is quite invigorating for a personality like mine. I love the startup, the creative process, and the activation of … More The Remarkable Power of One’s Influence

The Basic 411 for Dating Your Spouse [Guest Post]

Do you remember the way you felt on your first date? Do you remember the planning and preparation you did to make those few hours special and memorable? In this special guest post Jess Henderson wants to encourage you to spend intentional time with your spouse. Date Night Definition – Intentional time alone with your spouse. These nights … More The Basic 411 for Dating Your Spouse [Guest Post]